The peninsula of Methana is a product of earlier volcanic activity. This is evidenced by the type of rock found in the area but also from the volcanic craters. The volcanic center of Methana belongs to volcanic arc connecting volcanoes Sousaki, Aegina, Methana, Poros, Velopoulos, Karavi, Falconer, Antimilos, Milos, Kimolos, Polybius, Strogyllo, Despotic, Spyridonisi, Antiparos, Christiani, Santorini, Kos, Nisyros , Halicarnassus and Patmos. This arc goes in the direction of serial fault lines, whose faults gave rise to the onset of volcanism of the southern Aegean. In this took place many volcanoes around the end of the Tertiary period, after the Alpine folds, and continued during the Quaternary period.


On the peninsula there are remnants of volcanic eruptions. To the SE of the hill Turtle (760 meters) in place Stavrolongos and the situation Makrylongos meeting large craters. Craters are also encountered in the upper Mouskas the village Kameni Chora, next to St. Andrew, Kipseli. Across Methana peninsula thirty (30) volcanic craters are found . K. Mitsopoulos started finding them and recording them since 1867. From the above craters, those who acted latter were the adjacent Kameni Chora. This is evidenced by the remaining ore material and the current morphological state (minimal corrosion). Fougue admits that the burgeoning Kameni is the one mentioned by Strabon, Ovidius and Pausanias.


The exact date of the explosion is not known. Speculated that took place between the years 277 to 240 BC.Today the volcano is not considered active, because the action goes back to historical times. The main crater is located on the top cone (425 meters.) NW of the village of Kameni Chora. The crater has a diameter of about 100m and a depth of 40-50 meters. To the NE of the crater two small parasitic craters are distinguished.


2. Pathways


There are marked trails 60km long, crossing volcanic rocks, abandoned villages and forests.


Suggested Itineraries


• Kameni Chora- Krasopanagia


• Crater of theVolcano: The ascent in the volcanic crater (with a circumference of 150 m and depth 60 m) between jet-black volcanic boulders, pines and oaks, is a unique experience.


• Chelona Mountain (740m) :Megalochori-Kameni Chora

Many sites also offered for cycling or downhill.



3. Villages


There are many picturesque villages with traditional houses and churches on the peninsula of Methana ,some inhabited and some not. Examples:


• Agioi Theodoroi: Village built amphitheater, overlooking the sea and Aegina. B is 7.5 km from the capital.


• Kipseli: 5.5 miles N of the capital


• Kounoupitsa: Mountain village with stone houses, cobbled streets and traditional colors. It is situated 11 km NW of the capital.


• Megalochori-Stavrolongos


• Kameni Chora: The houses are built at the foot of the volcano, on lava rocks. There are several points in the rocks, whence comes air and maintains a constant temperature at 16C. The inhabitants used them & use them even today as natural refrigerators to preserve food.



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