The thermal springs of Methana, famous for thousands of years for the effective and salutary effects on health and beauty, is the result of volcanic activity. Writings of Pausanias, Strabo, of Ovid, witness the existence and reputation since ancient times.


The waters that flow from the sources contain numerous valuable trace minerals and minerals that help fight many diseases and generally revitalize the body. Have beneficial therapeutic effects for diseases such as arthrosis, disc disease, vertebral, rheumatism, fractures, gynecological disorders, infertility, ribs, fatigue, respiratory ailments, chronic bronchitis, skin diseases, etc.


The nature generously donated to the thermal waters of Methana valuable components enormous therapeutic importance, thereby justifying the uniqueness and distinct position in the history of spas, not only in Greece but also in Europe.


Here is the mythical magic of an ancient secret to skin care, which regains its elasticity and freshness, offering you a sense of youth and vitality.


• Methana Volcanic Spa

• Spa Ag.Nikolaos


And in addition there are tennis and basketball courts, and playground by the sea, a few meters from Studios Akti.



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180 30 Methana, Greece

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