The peninsula of Methana is the perfect combination of mountain and sea. Beautiful villages, archaeological sites, Byzantine churches and the volcano, compose a landscape of unparalleled beauty and many activities throughout the year.


Arriving at Methana, by road, at the entrance of the town is the renovated building of the sulfur springs (now :Methana Volcanic Spa), with light-colored waters and the strong smell of sulfur. On the other side is the verdant island of St. Anargiroi , where there are remnants of Cyclopean Walls.


The palm trees predominate along the coastal road, where there are restaurants, all-day caf├ęs and abandoned hotel buildings, with the style of a bygone era, reminiscent of the time when Methana was an attraction only for its famous thermal springs.


The place has long gone to another era and offers visitors the opportunity to discover the hidden villages of the peninsula, walk the trails, see one of 30 volcanoes and meet its long history through its monuments. (There are 55 archaeological sites.)



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